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Welcome to the Meeting Place Cafe
The Meeting Place Cafe is a Open Air Cafe on the beach. Situated on the Boundary of Brighton & Hove. We are open from dawn to dusk 365 days of the year subject to weather conditions.

The outdoor seating area caters for about 150 people, all sheltered from the wind by windbreakers. LITERALLY a stone-throw from the sea (even less at high tides!) A perfect place to meet up with friends and family.

We Serve a wide variety of hot and cold drinks from cappuccinos to smoothies, and from toasted sandwiches to all day breakfasts to fish & chips. Plus a large variety of ice creams. Customer toilets available and easy wheelchair access.

Give it a try, it is possibly the only business in Sussex which straddles both Brighton and Hove Boundary. Buy your food and drinks in Brighton and sit down in Hove to enjoy it! Remember, if s daylight we are probably open!

We officially open from 7am but most days you could get a hot drink from about 6.30am Look out for the early morning and lunchtime specials plus any other special that might be on offer.

The Meeting Place Cafe - Kings Road, Brighton, BN3 2WN